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SMA Solar Technology AG is the worldwide market leader for solar inverters and a provider of innovative energy supply solutions. SMA inverters are characterised by a particularly high efficiency of up to 99%, which allows for increased electricity production, making SMA a great choice.


Sunny Boy 1300TL/1600TL/2100TL

Small inverters with big results

>   For small to mid-range systems

>   The Sunny Boy inverters impress with first class
      efficiency, user friendliness and reliability

>    Can be connected to nearly all standard crystalline 
      PV Modules

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Sunny TriPower 10000TL/12000TL/15000TL/ 17000TL

The three-phase inverter for easy plant design

>   The Sunny TriPower is full of pioneering technology

>   Highly flexible plant design with the three-phase

>   This inverter is suited to almost any module

Sunny Boy 3000TL/4000TL/5000TL

Universal application through integrated grid management functions

>   The ideal solution for demanding PV arrays and
     partially shaded areas

>   The new transformerless Sunny Boy inverters offers
      maximum planning flexibility

>    The high DC voltage of 750v proves to be a cost
      advantage since fewer parallel strings required

Sunny Mini Central 4600A/5000A/6000A

The proven technology for flexible options

>   Suitable for generator grounding and locations
     galvanic isolation is required

>   Can be used for crystalline cells as well as thin-film

>   5000A and 6000A ideal for three-phase systems,
     4600A is designed for single-phase PV plants

Sunny Backup Set M/L/XL

Solar power - even in the event of grid failure

>   Can be integrated into existing and new PV plants

>   Single and three-phase systems are possible

>   Capacities from 5 kW to 100 kW available

>   Automatic switching to backup in only approx. 20

Sunny Island 5048

The island manager

>   Can be simply and quickly prepared for operation
     in just a few steps Its first-class battery
     management ensures maximum battery life

>   High efficiency with a robust diecast aluminium

Sunny Island 2012/2224

Compact and powerful for small off-grid systems

>   Ideal for lower power range

>   Reduced in weight and volume, the devices are
     even easier to operate and install

>   This inverter comes with the Sunny Remote
     Control service unit ensuring maximum flexibility

Sunny TriPower Economic Excellence


The cost saver for high-yield, commercial plants

>   The Sunny TriPower has optimum price-
      performance ratio

>   High yield with an efficiency of 98.5%

>   Highly flexible plant design with the three-phase



Remote monitoring and maintenance of large solar plants

>   Easy remote access via a web browser

>   Error notification via e-mail or text message

>   Transmits data via bluetooth or RS485

Windy Boy 3300/3800

Highest yield in any climate

>    Maximum efficiency of 95.6%

>    The weatherproof enclosure and
       broad temperature 
      range permit installation at nearly any location

>   The inverter can supply reactive power,
      contributing significantly to grid stability

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