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As a manufacturer of mounting systems for solar technology, K2 Systems develops innovative system solutions for the international photovoltaic industry. Many years of experience and our attention to service make K2 Systems a pleasant partner in the field of mounting systems for solar technology. International customers appreciate the quality of our reliable carrier systems for use on sloped roofs, flat roofs as well as ground mounted and special projects.


The K2 SpeedRail is simple with extremely fast assembly from above. It comes with a very attractive price-performance ratio. High flexibility for all module types.​


T-RACK 2.11

Time-saving system with low installation effort thanks to pre-assembly. High flexibility in system design with low driving depth. Suitable for most soil types.


K2 N Rack Mono system is for concrete foundations and is installation friendly due to perfectly coordinated components and system kit. very attractive price-performance ration.

K2 N Rack System for screw foundations and concrete foundations. Installation-friendly thanks to ideally coordinated components. Can also be used for difficult soil classes and difficult terrain slopes.



Roof mounted systems for east-west facing installations and for roofs with low ballast potential. Optimal roof layouts with no shading issued. High flexibility for all framed module types. Tested in wind tunnel by leading structure aerodynamics.


The K2 Triangle system can be used on flat and sloped roofs. Each triangle is an optimised solution through project-specific customisation. The modular structure is suitable for any system size.

No roof penetration required, it comes with strong holding forces and easy flexible assembly. Clamps available in stainless steel or aluminium.

Excellent resistance to corrosion due to the use of stainless steel, short assembly time thanks to simple system components. Modular structure suitable for any system size.

S-LEVEL 2.11

The low ballast on-roof system with south orientation, aerodynamically optimised with wind breaker on reverse enabling low ballast. Modular structure suitable for any system.


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Low ballast elevation system for south orientation.
Assembly from above with a few simple K2 Dome system components & reduced assembly time. Available at 10° angle.​

Innovative 10° flat roof system with double-sided configuration suitable for all orientations maximize roof arrays due to minimal shading spaces; therefore achieve higher yields Ideal for roofs with low ballast potential. Quick mounting due to reduced number of components.​

For roofs with corrugated fibre cement roofing. Pre-assembled with adapter plate for time-saving assembly.
Elongated hole enables easy connection by t-bolt to the K2 SolidRail range. Screw head with hexagon drive allows for assembly with electric screwdriver.

Roof Hook K2 Y-Hook for Y-beams made of steel reinforced concrete. Fixing either by clamps or bolts depending on concrete beam. Connecting to beam with variable clamping range, 4-12cm angle bracket for fixing the rail & continuously adjustable from 15°-45°

For roofs with steel or aluminium profile or fibre cement roofing. Screw head with hexagon drive allows for assembly with electric screwdriver.
Extra-long metric thread for height adjustment. 

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